Welcome to Disaster Masters National Information Center

As the pioneer in Disaster Restorations and Contents Management Services, starting in 1980, The Disaster Masters have led the way for people in need of skilled, caring experts with decades of experience.

With thousands of successful projects completed, we have grown to function much more like a hospital instead of just a doctor. The DISASTER MASTERS® provide a one call solution for a calamity of any kind or size.

Our mission

We empower, educate, recover and support people and families across North America with Quality Information, competent, caring and most of all trustworthy project managers.

Our Life Transition Management Services™ are for those who who need the width and depth of our unique services.

In the recent past, the internet has become a haven for people who borrow others reputation and advertising copy, to solicit customers on their websites. Please don’t fall for anyone who cannot prove that they have been in business for over 20 or 30 years.

You deserve to have proven experts, not articulate incompetents, who end up with apologies when they prove that they cannot deliver what they promised on time and on budget.

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Clutter and hoarding issues are solved with dispatch of the most cost efficient and knowledgeable project managers in North America.

Our capable project managers are called PLANAGERS™, because they plan and manage from start to finish your project.

Life Transition Management Services™ and Planagers™ are a Trademark of Disaster Masters Inc. and is copyrighted in all Media.

Please report any and all other services who use this words and trademark in their ad copy as it is unlawful to do so.

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